Founded in the year 1XXX by wandering nomads Shiro, Aka, Midori, Ao, and Kiiro. The five settled in the area after being awed by the grandeur of the landscape and Pokemon. Shiro, the eldest of the nomads, created the symbol for the academy. Aka established the Akai Class, Midori created the Midori Class, Ao founded the Aoi Class, and the Kiiroi Class was made by Kiiro.


Located in the south of the FC Region, we are pratically isolated from the rest of the world. Surrounded by mountainous and forested areas, lying before a large lake, the academy seems to have both its advantages and disadvantages. For one, our transportation systems let us open our doors to other regions. Second, the environment offers a variety of Pokemon and other resources that will improve academic, social, and physical skills for our students and staff.