~Boutonniere Town~ Named after the many wildflowers that inhabit the green hills that this town is nestled in, this town is often called the Town of Connected Dreams, where all trainers from different regions, come here to live out there fantasies. The Frontier Town is its official name, because this is where you start your journey.

To the west of Boutonniere Town lies the FC City, a place where Pokemon Trainers gather, and live. To the South lies the Pokemon Special Academy. To FC City the town is linked by a Sea Side Route, and connecting it to the adjacent landmass of the FC Academy is the Sky Bridge. Trainers from all over the globe, come to this port city to experience both the FC City and to attend as Students in the FC Academy. Here is where you start your dreams.

-Takahashi Kimiko -
- Amaterasu-
Local Deity of this Town
-Trainer from Kanto-
Gym Leader

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