Every establishment must have a governing power, so here are the faculty and staff members of our academy.

Our beloved Director Hoshigaki Saki...

...and the people below are dubbed 'Facility Heads.'

Trainers' Classes

Managed by: Green and Obsidian

Sub-manager(s): Red, Yellow, Blue, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Wally, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Breeders' Classes

Managed by: Gold

Sub-manager(s): Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Platinum

Research Department

Managed by: Crystal

Sub-manager(s): Nova Calculate

Battle Frontier

Managed by: Emerald

Sub-managers: Glalie Kokoro

Battle Grounds

Managed by: Red and Green

Contest Hall

Managed by: Ruby

Pokemon Theater

Managed by: Wallace and Juan

Pokemon Gyms

Managed by: Sapphire

Trainers' Gym

Managed by: Pearl

Art Room

Managed by: Hoshigaki Sayuri

Music Room

Managed by: Hoshigaki Saki

Pokemon Cafe

Managed by: Diamond

Pokemon Square

Managed by: Platinum

Pokemon Garden

Managed by: Erika and Gardenia

Pokemon Day Care

Managed by: Gold

Pokemon Spa

Managed by: Aaron Kataneru


Managed by: NoctowlBoy

Academy Trading Center

Managed by: Silver and Blue


Managed by: Platinum

Student Council Office

Managed by: Hoshigaki Saki

Boys' Residence Hall

Managed by: Red

Girls' Residence Hall

Managed by: Blue

Student Store

Managed by: Hikari Dawn and Tim

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