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Welcome to the Pokemon Academy, where special individuals come here. Far and wide, across regions and countries, they gather in this magnificent school. Its hallow halls house many secrets and mysteries that you have yet to discover. I now urge you to apply for this academy if you have any need to indulge in the beauty and glory of the world that is Pokemon.

I have established this academy after witnessing a jolly group of trainers that call themselves the Pokemon Special FC. My daughter is a member of this group and she often tells me stories of their adventures and misadventures. What fun she had with them. Now I dedicate this academy for the Pokemon Special FC members to learn, enjoy and relax.

~Hoshigaki Saki

Academic Director

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July 31, 2010 - The academy is officially open! :D And GlalieFace from MangaFox joined as the second member!

July 30, 2010 - Hoshigaki Sayuri founded the Pokemon Special FC Academy Wikia.


"We have rules?"

"You're the director and you don't have a single idea about the rules?! Grrr...clumsy mother..."

1. Keep spamming at a minumum. You can do that on MySpace and YouTube, but not here. So please, unless you wanna face the wrath of my vodka-leek cannon armed with the deadly Vocaloid pitches and 'KOLKOLKOLKOL', always follow rule no. 1.
2. Respect each other, even if it's the half-assed retard or the drunken hobo.
3. Do. Not. Mess. With. The. Admins. a.k.a. Hoshigaki Sayuri and other dudes.
4. It is suggested that you use proper capitalization and punctuation in all statements and comments, especially Pokemon names and items, and the word 'Pokemon'.

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